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Heroes Only started out as a place to post my own personal gaming materials that consisted of classic Dungeons & Dragons. Much of the material on this site references the campaign world of Mystara, which is the game world developed for the classic Dungeons & Dragons game.

Site History

In 1996-97, I posted a rudimentary web page at my university.  I always thought personal web pages were boring unless they provided something that someone actually wanted to read or download.

By 1998, I had a Dungeons & Dragons section on my website.  I called it Heroes Only.  This section survived and became bigger, even as I moved the page off the university’s web space.  It contained subsections such as character descriptions from my own campaign.  I also collected materials from friends and posted anything that I was using or interested in using for my own campaign.  After a while, it became the repository where I could reference a lot of my own materials.

Over the years, it became increasingly hard to continue games as the gaming group moved apart from each other.  We mostly played over email, but there were big gaps in between where there were no responses.  So in 2004, I created a forum on my site in order to help keeping the games going.  About a month later, I registered the domain.  Luckily for me, due to the uniqueness of the name, it wasn’t taken.

Now Heroes Only still hosts pretty much the same materials, with a few additions here and there.