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Baboon, Forest

by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  6               Save As:    F2
Hit Dice:     2               Morale:     7
Move:         120             Treasure:   U
Attacks:      claw/bite       Alignment:  neutral
Damage:       1d4/1d3         Xp Value:   20

These black, long-haired monkeys are kin to rock baboons. They have a similar disposition and may attack for food or out of anger, however they are also more cautious and may spy on characters for sometime from the treetops before attacking.


by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  2               Save As:    NM
Hit Dice:     1/8             Morale:     6
Move:         30              Treasure:   nil
Attacks:      weapon          Alignment:  neutral
Damage:       1/2             Xp Value:   1

Brownies are small (6-8 inch tall) michievous humanoids. They live in deep woods usually away from paths or trails. They resemble wild forest people and make tiny weapons out of small shards of metal and wood. They have a unique ability to speak with any living creature. They are somewhat proud and don’t care for blundering humanoids walking through their wood, and may attack a passerby. They can hide instantly, disappearing into the trees and underbrush where they live. Being so small, they are particularly hard to hit (AC 2).

HJFord-giant-entersDemon, Red

by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  9               Save As:    F30
Hit Dice:     15+3***         Morale:     12
Move:         240 fly 480     Treasure:   nil
Attacks:      2 claws         Alignment:  chaotic
Damage:       1d4+special ea  Xp Value:   5150

The Red Demon appears as a huge, red, wraith-like gargoyle. Demons are supernatural, but not undead (though they have many of the resistances that undead do). Their goal is to spread death and destruction. Red Demons have the ability to create web spells (1 per round) and hurl them up to 240′ away. Each hit drains one magical item of a plus or power. If no magic items, then one item disintigrates.

Giant, Forest

by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  4               Save As:    F8
Hit Dice:     8               Morale:     9
Move:         120             Treasure:   F(3d6x10 gp)
Attacks:      weapon          Alignment:  neutral
Damage:       2d8             Xp Value:   650

These neutral giants are kin to hill giants, but are more intelligent, and usually good natured. They are usually woodsmen and do not attack human settlements. They have long black beards, wear clothes, and weild huge axes. They speak common well.

Imp, Red

by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  7               Save As:    F8
Hit Dice:     4**             Morale:     10
Move:         120             Treasure:   nil
Attacks:      2 claws         Alignment:  chaotic
Damage:       1d4 ea          Xp Value:   175

Imps are red fleshy humanoids about 5′ tall with long arms and large eyes. They were driven to the Netherworld eons ago, but once lived on the Material Plane so that they are of flesh and blood. They have strong mental powers (illusion, charm, sleep). Their children are called welps. They can use phatntasmal force, charm monster, and sleep each once per day.

Men, Green Monk

by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  9               Save As:    F3
Hit Dice:     3               Morale:     10
Move:         120             Treasure:   A
Attacks:      weapon          Alignment:  neutral
Damage:       by weapon       Xp Value:   35

The Green Monks (level 3 fighters) wear bright green robes, and walk seemingly peacefully through the woods. However, they will attack any outsiders or people who disrespect the wood (characters, goblins, bugbears, etc.) They wear no armor and weild staves.


by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  6               Save As:    F4
Hit Dice:     4***            Morale:     10
Move:         120             Treasure:   E
Attacks:      touch           Alignment:  chaotic
Damage:       1d4+drain       Xp Value:   225

The nereid is a female water haunt. She can lure men like harpies lure a meal. Any male hearing her voice must save vs spells or be charmed (only one save required per encounter). Her touch drains life in addition to doing damage. Nereids live in and around water and have brought many sailors and fishermen to their fate.

Wandering Eyes

by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  4               Save As:    F8
Hit Dice:     8***            Morale:     10
Move:         90              Treasure:   L,N,O
Attacks:      bite            Alignment:  any
Damage:       2d4             Xp Value:   2300

Some have speculated that the Wandering Eyes is related to the beholder, however it seems they might have originated in two completely different areas. As a whole, Wandering Eyes are much more pleasant to behold. A Wandering Eyes looks like a floating orb-like head (about 2′ wide) with a single large eye in its forehead and a mouth. Out of the back of its head grow five trunk-like or snake-like appendages, forming a kind of star formation around the head, and usually facing forward. Each stalk ends in a small sphere containing an eye. Each of the smaller eyes creates a ray with a different magical effect; each can be used each round. While there can be different abilities, generally Wandering Eyes have the following (range 120′):

      Eye 1:    Attack.  This ray operates like a magic missile spell,
                doing 3d6+3 points of damage, and the ray can create fire,
                cold, or lightning damage.

      Eye 2:    Charm.  The victim must is affected as Charm Monster.

      Eye 3:    Fear.  As the cleric spell Cause Fear.

      Eye 4:    Stun.  The victim must save vs spells or be stunned 2d4 rounds
                (no action, move 1/3, -4 to saves, +4 AC, cannot concentrate)

      Eye 5:    Confusion.  The victim is affected as the magic-user spell.

      Central:  Passwall.  As the magic-user spell.

In addition, the central eye has perfect night vision and can see magically in the darkest of darkness. A Wandering Eyes moves by means of a magical flight, but is somewhat faster than beholders.

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