About Hollow World Creatures

By Jeff Q on May 23, 2001

Bugbears: Bugbears are very proud of being bugbears. They hold honor over anything else. Dying honorably is the best thing that could happen.Gnomes: Gnomes are insane little creatures. They talk so incredibly fast it’s very hard to understand them.

Goblins: Goblins keep themselves cleaner and better looking here. They are a bit cute and have a very low self-esteem and cringe at threats, still smiling. Many have become merchants.

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Random Encounters

By Angelo on May 23, 2001

Tired of the tedious wandering monster charts in the Rules Cyclopedia that take forever to roll, and seem to produce the same monster over and over?  Try out these encounter tables instead.

  1. Roll 1d20 per day to determine if there is an encounter on that day.  Compare this to the chance of an encounter based on the type of terrain (for example there is a 6 in 20 chance of an encounter).
  2. Roll 2d10 to determine the encounter below.
  3. The DM can assume a 10% chance of bad weather when the encounter occurs.

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The Bestiary

By Angelo on February 21, 2001

Baboon, Forest

by Angelo Bertolli

Armor Class:  6               Save As:    F2
Hit Dice:     2               Morale:     7
Move:         120             Treasure:   U
Attacks:      claw/bite       Alignment:  neutral
Damage:       1d4/1d3         Xp Value:   20

These black, long-haired monkeys are kin to rock baboons. They have a similar disposition and may attack for food or out of anger, however they are also more cautious and may spy on characters for sometime from the treetops before attacking. See the rest of this entry…

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