Random Encounters

Tired of the tedious wandering monster charts in the Rules Cyclopedia that take forever to roll, and seem to produce the same monster over and over?  Try out these encounter tables instead.

  1. Roll 1d20 per day to determine if there is an encounter on that day.  Compare this to the chance of an encounter based on the type of terrain (for example there is a 6 in 20 chance of an encounter).
  2. Roll 2d10 to determine the encounter below.
  3. The DM can assume a 10% chance of bad weather when the encounter occurs.

2d10 Trail/Road (6 out of 20) Normal/Grass (4 out of 20) Forest (5 out of 20)
2 Adventurer Tornado Adventurer
3 Goblin Adventurer Dryad
4 Orc Blink Dog Forest Giant
5 Freeman Thoul Brownie/Sprite
6 Peasant Merchant Forest Baboon
7 Halfling Tiger Beetle Wolf
8 Bandit Hobgoblin Woodcutter
9 Traveller Berserker Bandit
10 Wilderness Table Riding Horse Kobold/Goblin
11 Wilderness Table Animal Elf
12 Merchant Nomad Animal
13 Berserker Draco Lizard Orc
14 Guard Patrol Ogre Boar
15 Dwarf Boar Giant Bee/Robber Fly
16 Elf Wolf Crab Spider
17 Ogre Crab Spider Insect Swarm
18 Troglodyte Troll Centaur
19 Animal Insect Swarm Minotaur
20 Kobold Wyvern Green Dragon
2d10 Desert (2 out of 20) Swamp (5 out of 20) Mountain (3 out of 20)
2 Adventurer Adventurer Adventurer
3 Sandstorm Medusa Rockslide
4 Manticore Panther Troll
5 Nomad Robber Fly Giant Ant
6 Gecko Lizard Displacer Beast Hill Giant
7 Draco Lizard Gecko Lizard Cave Bear
8 Crab Spider Draco Lizard Mountain Lion
9 Tarantella Wight Rock Baboon
10 Giant Scorpion Ghoul Hobgoblin
11 Giant Centipede Lizardman Ogre
12 Snake Insect Swarm Orc
13 Giant Ant Snake Gnoll
14 Oil Beetle Gnoll Harpy
15 Tiger Beetle Hydra Snake
16 Hobgoblin Quicksand Stone Giant
17 Horned Chameleon Giant Toad Gnome
18 Tuatara Lizard Zombie Manticore
19 Cockatrice Gorgon Cyclops
20 Blue Dragon Black Dragon Red Dragon


While traveling between towns along the road, the DM rolls 1d20 per day.  On the second day, the DM rolls a 4, which indicates an encounter.  The dm rolls 2d10 and with a result of 10 sees that the encounter should be the same as an encounter from the “Wilderness Table.”  Since the road passes through the forest, the DM rolls 2d10 against the Forest table, and gets 14:  the characters encounter wild boar(s).

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  1. Thyr says:

    I say roll 1d20 per day to keep the monsters away.

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