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By Angelo on June 15, 2007


Recently I’ve wanted to learn how to use Scribus to do page layouts. Scribus is a free, open source page layout software. So here is my first production with Scribus: a landscape oriented character sheet based on the classic D&D character sheet.

Simple Character Sheet made with Scribus

Simple Character Sheet made with Scribus

If you’re interested in taking a look or modifying it for your own use, here is the Scribus source file.

My other Character Record Sheets were done using an editor like

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4 Responses to “Character Sheet Made with Scribus”

  1. phillip Says:

    its alright not i want a better on elhomo

  2. kevin Says:

    This is the most simsple sheet i ever saw. It is a nice touch. Try to make more to it next time .

  3. Christina Says:

    Not the best character sheets I’ve seen…but it is the most unique.

  4. chris halle Says:

    yo dudes n2b

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