In Memory of Gary Gygax

Today Gary Gygax passed away. He was the co-creator of the game we all enjoy so much: Dungeons & Dragons. A lot of us honed our vocabulary, our critical thinking, and creativity due to Gary Gygax’s work. It created communities where we found new friends and were able to keep them through on-going games.

Today is a day to think about how D&D has affected our lives: not just the game itself, but also the multitude of other RPGs that were inspired by the creation of the game. And we should also take a moment to remember the Father of Roleplaying, Gary Gygax.

Tributes to E. Gary Gygax

By on March 4, 2008
Last modified on June 9, 2016

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3 Responses to “In Memory of Gary Gygax”

  1. justin says:

    so long gg

  2. Drew says:

    Gary was a great man, I had the priviledge of meeting him once very briefly.

    He had a smile and time for everyone, which is a great achievement in itself.

    He will be missed.


  3. Joe Gibbs says:

    Just found this. Tears in my eyes. Let’s say it is because I was laughing too hard at the comics.

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