About Hollow World Creatures

Bugbears: Bugbears are very proud of being bugbears. They hold honor over anything else. Dying honorably is the best thing that could happen.Gnomes: Gnomes are insane little creatures. They talk so incredibly fast it’s very hard to understand them.

Goblins: Goblins keep themselves cleaner and better looking here. They are a bit cute and have a very low self-esteem and cringe at threats, still smiling. Many have become merchants.

Gnolls: The gnolls believe they are the master race. They are very strong and very intelligent and very, very egotistical and slap any other race freely.

Orcs: Orcs are the most hateful race in the Hollow World. They kill each other so frequenly, bodies will be found throughout a village. Every sentence is a curse.

Hobgoblins: Hobgoblins are power mad. They are always smiles and will always try to trap or backstab people for money. They sell “healing” poisons, try to join the party to cut their throats. They usually torture and keep slaves.

Kobolds: They are world class ambushers. Traps are their specialty. They are the quickest (AC 2) things you’ll find and can hide incredibly well.

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