The Isle of Dread

Denier looked down at the battle below him from the second story walkway on the side of the temple. He began casting a spell to protect himself, but it was interrupted by a blow to the head, knocking him out.

Everett cast a spell and threw three balls of energy at three different natives, causing small explosions in the shoulder, chest and head of the men, wetting the smoot covered ground with gore. Marina cast a small healing spell for a wound Stalfor had taken to the forehead before the dwarf went back into combat. Viper, who was scratched up and bleeding in several place, impaled another native in the belly, skewering his liver, but the man’s wife, standing right by him, grabbed her husband’s blade and slammed the hilt into Viper’s eye. Just as she was about to finish the stunned barbarian off, an energy ball hit her in the face, blinding her. Viper stabbed the woman in the heart as she grabbed at her eyeballs and then looked back at his savior, the young mage Gandalph. Billard, who was as hurt as Viper was, ran up to Marina and told her, “I saw Greegan and Kage running over that side of the altar, and then they seemed to disappear.” With the last few natives retreating from the attack party, the six of them climbed up onto the altar and started heading for where they last saw their companions.

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