The Isle of Dread

Greegan lit a torch and the two groped through way down the dark hallway. The wooden walls had large rat burrows chewed into them. When Greegan looked through, he saw another hallway on the other side that was flooded with water. The two then came to the end of the hall, where a well sat in the middle of the room. On the other side was a door, which Greegan tried to open, but found it to be stuck.

“A dead end.”, he said, “Now we’re both stuck here, thanks to your insanity!”

Kage looked down the well. “It’s hot down here.”, he said. Kage took the rope out of his backpack and had Greegan tie it off. Greegan took off his armor and went down first. Then feet touched water. Kage took off his armor and came down next with his torch. As the light source got closer, Greegan could see through the bubbling water that there was a hole in the bottom of the well leading out. He held his breath and dove down. A few minutes later he came back up and said “I found a way out. I see light on the other side of the tunnel.”, he told Kage

“Is the water hot?”, asked Kage.

“No, it’s fine. Come on.”, said Greegan, who went down again and swam through the water.

Kage’s grip weakened as he slid down the rope. The pain in his hand was too much and he let go of the rope, holding his breath as he fell into boiling water.

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