The Isle of Dread

Everett chopped the pincers grabbing hold of his arm, and then the one leg. He felt as if both were broken, but against the pain, he swam towards the giant clam. Everett sank to the bottom but Stalfor tried hard to keep himself above water by doggie paddling. One of the giant crabs came up behind the dwarf, and Billard jumped on the crab’s head and stabbed it in the eye. Viper jumped and the two of them stabbed the other eye together. Beneath the water, Everett slowly climbed back up unto the stairwell and began to disarm. Another crab started to come up behind Gandalph, but the boy heard the water part and jumped out of the way. The claw went for Marina next and she hit it aside with her mace. An energy ball from Gandalph then caught it in the chest and it went back underwater. The crab that had been stabbed in both eyes was now dead and Billard and Viper were now using the body as a raft. They rowed over to where Stalfor was desperately trying to keep himself afloat and helped him on. After Everett had disarmed, he jumped into the water and swam to the other side. Inside the half submerged clam was the treasure they had been searching for: the black pearl. Everett reached into the clam and grabbed the pearl and the clam instantly clamped shut on his back and everything went black.

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