The Isle of Dread

With all their strength put together, the six companions were able to lift the clam’s head up just enough to pull Everett and the great black pearl out. Everett’s back was red where the clam had shut on him. Marina cast a healing spell on his back and the red went away but he did not wake up. Stalfor stuffed the giant pearl in his backpack.

Just behind the giant clam was another half-flooded tunnel leading out of the chamber. Behind them, three more giant crabs began to climb up on the stepped dais that held the clam, so the companions retreated to the tunnel where the crabs could not fit. As they went through the flood hall, they could see giant rat holes in the walls. Looking through them, they saw another hall on the other side that wasn’t flooded, one that Kage and Greegan had passed earlier. They then entered into a room with a door on the other side of it. As Viper crossed the middle of the room, he tripped a wire that was underneath the water. From the wall, a mist of oil begins spraying out which then catches on fire. Everyone yells out and tries to jump back, but oil continues to spray out and a few small fires are set on top of the water. Viper and Billard moved to the door on tried to push it open, but the wood had expanded from the water and it was stuck.

“Hurry up!”, barked Stalfor as he tried to keep himself and his friend’s limp body above water. The smoke in the room began to make it very hard to breath in the room. Viper and Billard counted to three and then slammed their shoulders against the door, forcing it open. Suddenly, all of the water rushed forward, pulling everyone else along with it. Viper and Billard rode the wave until they hit a portcullis, and then was hit by the bodies of Everett, Stalfor, Marina, and Gandalph. Seeing a lever on the other side of the portcullis, Billard reached through the bars and pulled it down. The portcullis opened and the party was swept along further, down a painfully long set of stairs, into a giant cavern with boiling mud pits.

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