The Isle of Dread

Greegan felt as if he was flying. A terrible crunching noise blasted through his ears, making him def. Although he didn’t dare to open his eyes, he felt his body being pushed up by cool air. It was only when he felt a light shining on him from all sides that he dared to look.

He was being blown directly out of the volcano. He flew up several hundred feet in the air, along with tons of ice and frozen water. He screamed in horror as an iceberg the size of a boulder slammed into him. He grabbed hold of the ice boulder as the cold steam pushed him up into the air. The eruption stopped almost as soon as it started and Greegan began falling once again. He held on tightly to the ice boulder as it crashed into the rocky ground just a few hundred feet from its ring-shaped mouth. The boulder hit the ground first, cracking beneath the weight.

Greegan slumped over and laid there for a good ten minutes, not moving a muscle. When he finally did, he looked around to see that he back on the misty mountain on the outside of the central lake, not too far from the village where they had stolen the canoes. He picked himself up and looked around at all of the ice and water the eruption had spilled onto the ground. Then he saw Kage. Running up to the knight, he could already tell that Kage was dead. His skin was totally white and he looked as if he had instantly frozen to death. The mist that had blown them out of the volcano had been colder than Greegan had realized. Once again his magic ring had saved him. He couldn’t believe how lucky he had been. Unbeknownst to him, the anchor that Kage had pulled out of the boiling mud pit also acted as a cork. The boiling water had drained down deep into an ice reservoir, where it had melted the ice and caused a temperature variance that had caused the momentary eruption. The kopru had purposely dug out several of these channels so that they could help the natives from the temple show the nearby villagers that it was the temple-keepers who determined the temperament of the god deep within the volcano, allowing them to levy a hefty tax on the villagers.

Greegan then limped over to the bridge the they had taken to get to the central plateau and waited there.

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