The Isle of Dread

The party tried to put as much distance between them and the temple as they could. They felt the ground beneath them shake, and that only caused them to hurry all the more. In their rush, they didn’t make any stops to determine if they were going in the right direction, and soon it became apparent that were not heading towards the bridge they had taken to the central plateau. As they traveled, Stalfor carried the limp body of Everett on his back. He then took note of a strange vein that was sticking out of the ground. Dropping Everett unceremoniously to the ground, the run over to it, and then shouted, “Just as I thought! Gold ore!”

The others came up and took a look. Sure enough, the recent activity had caused a vein of gold ore to surface.

“Yeah, we would be rich, except we don’t have to tools or the time to mine it.”, said Marina.

Gandalph then pulled his stone out again and began to concentrate. A giant stone monster rose out from beneath the ground. Using the stone to control it, the stone giant began to pound its fist into the gold vein. Hundreds of small rocks flew everywhere and the others took cover as Gandalph pounded the ore into bits that they could carry. When he was finished, he dismissed the giant back into the ground, and the party began loading their bags with as much of the ore as they could carry. Then they began to head back to the bridge.

To Greegan’s amazement, the survivors soon showed up. The rest of the party, equally surprised that Greegan had made it, exchanged stories with him. They were saddened by the loss of Kage and Denier, but when Greegan heard they had found the black pearl, he seemed to forget about them.

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