Magical Teas

This is a proposal for magical teas in RPG games. (I use original D&D so bear with me.) This is an idea that has been “brewing” in my head for a long time, and I’m finally making an effort to flesh out the details.

Magical Tea

Magical teas are dry herbal mixtures which can be stored for extended periods of time and used when needed. Unlike potions, magical teas are not used during the heat of battle for a quick bonus. Because they take some time to brew, and their effects usually take some time to come to fruition, they are generally used during an adventuring day and sometimes over long periods of time.

A typical dose of magical tea is prepared by brewing 2 oz (or 50 grams) of tea in 8 oz (or 240 ml) of water. This requires:

  • The tea
  • The water
  • A heat source for boiling
  • Time

A basic example of a magical tea:

Black Hill Tea

This magical tea is made from a secret collection of herbs and flowers gathered by the monks of the Black Hills. Characters who drink this tea will gain 1d4 hit points over night.

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