Modified Weapon Chart

This is, in my opinion, a new and better alternative to the “New Weapon System” that allows characters to attempt at one or two-handed weapon use on just about all weapons. I decided that only certain weapons should be allowed to be used optionally one or two handed (particularly I don’t think two-handed weapons should be used one-handed). Also, I think the damage of fired arrows and sling stones should be increased. Finally, I decided there shouldn’t be so much tampering with hit rolls.

Weapon              H*   Dmg (Hit Roll)  Other
Battle Axe          2    1d10
Hand Axe            1    1d6
War Axe             1    1d8

Short Bow           2    1d6
Long Bow            2    1d8
Light Crossbow      2    1d6
Heavy Crossbow      2    3d4             fire once every 2 rounds
                                         unless 18 STR
Composite Short Bow 2    1d8             STR modifies dmg
Composite Long Bow  2    1d10            STR modifies dmg
Sling               1    1d4

Blackjack           1    1d2             aimed attack, knockout
Club                1    1d4
Throwing Hammer     1    1d4
War Hammer          1/2  1d6/1d8
Mace                1    1d6
Staff               2    1d6
Torch               1    1d2             1d4 dmg when lit
Flail               1    1d6
Morning Star        1    1d6+1

Dagger              1    1d4
Katar               1    1d4+1           cannot be thrown
Butterfly Knife     1    1d4             throw: +2 to hit

Polearm             2    2d6             -3 to hit for dwarves
Javelin             1    1d6             sm creatures can use
Lance               2    2d6             double damage for mounted charge
Pike                2    2d6             -3 to hit for dwarves
Spear               1/2  1d6/1d8
Trident             1/2  1d6/1d8
Tlacochtli          1/2  1d6/1d8         pull out: extra 1d6
Naginata            2    2d6

Sword               1    1d8
Short Sword         1    1d6
Bastard Sword       1/2  1d6+1/1d8+1
2H Sword            2    1d10
Rapier              1    2d4-1           -2 hit vs plate armor
Broadsword          1    2d4
Katana              1/2  1d8/2d4+1

Cestus              1    1d4
Whip                1    1d2             entangle
Barbed Whip         1    1d4
Hooked Net          1    1d4             entangle, save -2
Chain Net           1    nil             entangle, save -6

Blowgun             1/2  1               poison 1d4 dmg/rnd
Bola                1    1d2             entangle, critical: save vs
                                         death or be paralyzed and die
                                         in 1d6+2 rounds
Shurikin            1    1d3
Chakram             1    1d4

* Number of hands to use.

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Last modified on June 9, 2016

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