Giant, Mountain

Climate Any
Terrain Mountains
Frequency VR
Organization Family
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Omnivore
Intelligence 8-10
Treasure E
Alignment CN
No. Appearing 1-4
Armor Class 4
Movement 12
Hit Dice 15+3
No. of Attacks 1
Damage 1d8 or 4d10+10 (weapon)
Special Attacks TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size H
Morale 15-16
XP Value 7000
Type Monster
Campaign Any
Sources FR2MC, FF 42
Page MM 143
Notes Str 22, live in mountain caverns, like straight forward attacks, hurl rocks 2d10 (3-200 yrds), catch large missiles (30%), use clubs, can summon & control 1d10+5 ogres (70%), 1d6+3 trolls (20%) or 1d4 hill giants (10%), 75% of summ creaters serving as guards, suspicious of outsiders but may deal with them, shaman serves as leader


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