Beholder-kin, Abomination, Lensman

Climate Any
Terrain Remote
Frequency VR
Organization Squad
Activity Cycle Day
Diet Insectivore
Intelligence 5-7
Treasure R
Alignment NE
No. Appearing 1-10
Armor Class 3/7
Movement 9
Hit Dice 2
THAC0 19
No. of Attacks 1
Damage 1d8 or weapon
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size M
Morale 14
XP Value 175
Type Monster
Campaign Any
Page MM 25
Notes 1 eye, 5 limbs, may weild tools & weapons (double headed pole arm), eye has 1 of 6 possible powers: emotion, heal, tongues, dispel magic, phantasmal force or protections (as scrolls, any type, one at a time)


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