Anemone, Giant

Climate Temp/Trop
Terrain Water, Salt
Frequency VR
Organization School
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Carnivore
Intelligence 1
Treasure nil
Alignment N
No. Appearing 3-18
Armor Class 2
Movement 1/4
Hit Dice 16
No. of Attacks 1-3
Damage 1d4
Special Attacks TRUE
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size L
Morale 11
XP Value 12,000
Type Monster
Campaign Dragonlance
Notes plant-like, main trunk w/10 tentacles (10-15' lg), 1d3 att/rnd w/ 1d10 tentacle strikes per att, causes dmg + save vs paraly or 1d6 pois & paraly 3d6 rnds, pulls victims to mouth (2 tent, 1/rnd) & swallows, digestion starts in 8 rnds (1d4 dmg/rnd), victims can use short sharp weap to escape (1 dmg max + str & magic), tent 5 hp, regen 1/turn, more


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