Blazing Bones

Climate Any
Terrain Land
Frequency VR
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Nil
Intelligence 11-18
Treasure nil
Alignment CE
No. Appearing 1
Armor Class 5
Movement 12
Hit Dice 5+5
THAC0 15
No. of Attacks 2
Damage 1d4+2/1d4+2
Special Attacks TRUE
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size M
Morale 20
XP Value 3000
Type Undead
Campaign Any
Page MAI
Notes animated skeleton, attacks claw/claw each +2 fire dmg, or hurl ball of flames 20' 1d6+3 dmg+combustables item save, or firestorm 30' radius 6d6 save vs spell 1/2 (grabbed victim no save, roll to hit), immune: fire (heal & gain perm), charm, hold & sleep, holy water 4d4, water 2d4, E & P weapons 1/2 dmg, turn as ghast (base)


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