Centaur, Wendle (Krynn)

Climate Temperate
Terrain Forests
Frequency R
Organization Herd
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Herbivore
Intelligence 9-11
Treasure M, Q (D, I, T)
Alignment CE
No. Appearing 5-30
Armor Class 4
Movement 18 (30)
Hit Dice 4
THAC0 17
No. of Attacks 2 or 1
Damage 1d6/weapon+1 or 1d6+2
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size M
Morale 12
XP Value 120
Type Monster
Campaign Dragonlance
Notes horse/human, attack: hooves/weapon or rear hooves, att +1 w/bows, use spears, clubs, javelins & swords, never wear armor, leaders use shields, instead of rib cages they have solid bone, smallest of centaurs, interested in philosophy, history, etc, argumentative & stubborn, wary of strangers & seldom cooperate


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