Climate Temp/SubTrop
Terrain Mountains
Frequency UC
Organization Swarm
Activity Cycle Night
Diet Special
Intelligence 0-1
Treasure nil
Alignment N
No. Appearing 201-300
Armor Class 7
Movement Fl 6 (A)
Hit Dice 50 hp
THAC0 13
No. of Attacks 1
Damage 1d6
Special Attacks TRUE
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size T
Morale 11-12
XP Value 2000
Type Monster
Campaign Greyhawk
Notes stats are for swarm, hive entities, 1' dia sphere (50 individuals), attack: beam of light 20', if it fails to hit but is 3+ on hit die it 'hits' but does no dmg, flammable objects must item save vs magic fire or ignite (cloths 1d4/rnd, lanterns explode), imm: sleep, chrm, illus & mind, if fighting in bright light source (cont light, etc) it's attacks 2d6, fragments after 10 hp dmg


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