Climate Temp/Trop
Terrain Swamp
Frequency R
Organization Group
Activity Cycle Day
Diet Blood
Intelligence 1
Treasure nil
Alignment N
No. Appearing 2-24
Armor Class 8
Movement 3
Hit Dice 1
THAC0 19
No. of Attacks 1
Damage 1d2
Special Attacks TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size T
Morale 16
XP Value 120
Type Monster
Campaign Any
Notes lizard-like, lazy, ineffective in melee, shoots 1d6 fangs/day from snout (poison, save vs poison or paralyzed 4d4 rnds) up to 10', draw blood from paralyzed victims 1d6 (each takes 1 'drink' per day), immune to own poison, shoot at anything within range, if killed fangs removed used in blowgun & pois sacs coat 6d6 darts (pois save +1/day to 1 wk)


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