Displacer Beast

Climate Temperate
Terrain Mountains
Frequency VR
Organization Pack
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Carnivore
Intelligence 2-4
Treasure (D) & special
Alignment LE
No. Appearing 2-5
Armor Class 4
Movement 15
Hit Dice 6
THAC0 15
No. of Attacks 2 or 5
Damage 2d4/2d4 or 1d3/1d3/1d8
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size L
Morale 13-14
XP Value 975
Type Monster
Campaign Any
Sources OMI 28, DRC 166
Page MM 56
Notes 6-legged panther-like, aggressive (attack on sight), attack: tentacle/tentacle, opp att -2 (displacement, true seeing neg penalty), save as 12th lvl +2, if near death or vs large opp then attack: tent/tent/claw/claw/bite, 1/year 1d4 young are born (mature in 4 months), hate blink dogs, hide & eyes are valued by wizards & alchemists


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