Dog, Moon

Climate Any
Terrain Any
Frequency R
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Carnivore
Intelligence 13-16
Treasure nil
Alignment NG
No. Appearing 1 or 2-8
Armor Class 0
Movement 30, 9 bipedal
Hit Dice 9 +3
THAC0 11
No. of Attacks 1
Damage 3d4
Special Attacks TRUE
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 25%
Size M
Morale 17-18
XP Value 9000
Type Monster
Campaign Any
Sources OMII 92
Page MM 58
Notes found on Prime fighting evil, speak: own & comm, attack: bite, howl: any evil creat w/80' fear (as spell, 12th lvl) & all evil creat 40' 1d4+4 dmg/rnd, extraplanar creat 5%/dog to return to their plane all effects cumm), can disp illus & evil, ethereal & Astral at will, infrav 60', +2 weap to hit, never surprised & opp surp -3, save +2, imm: fear, casts spells, more


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