Dog, Moor Hound

Climate Any
Terrain Swamp
Frequency VR
Organization Pack
Activity Cycle Night
Diet Nil
Intelligence 12
Treasure nil
Alignment NE
No. Appearing 1
Armor Class 1
Movement 18
Hit Dice 8
THAC0 13
No. of Attacks 3
Damage 1d6/1d6/1d8
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 15%
Size L
Morale 20
XP Value 3000
Type Undead
Campaign Any
Page MAII 42
Notes leads pack of bog hounds, need +1 weapon to hit, if reduced to 0 hp it goes to bog or pool of quicksand to regen, only natural sunlight permanently kills them & immediately all bog hounds are destroyed, when killed they make ghostly howling noises


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