Draconian, Kapak

Climate Any
Terrain Any
Frequency UC
Organization Band
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Carnivore
Intelligence 8-10
Treasure K, L, M (I, Y)
Alignment LE
No. Appearing 2-20
Armor Class 4 (2 or 1)
Movement 6 (15), Gl 18
Hit Dice 3
THAC0 17
No. of Attacks 1
Damage 1d4 or weapon
Special Attacks TRUE
Magic Resistance 20%
Size M
Morale 13
XP Value 650
Type Monster
Campaign Dragonlance
Notes see general, stealth, superb fighters, assassin, 70% (10% at higher %) can MS (15%), HS (10%), RT (20%), attack: bite or weapon (sh sword, dagger, bow, sling, etc), bite has poison save or paralyzed 2d6 turns (may lick weapon, lasts 3 rnds), may wear armor (leather or scale) & shield, 0 hp disolves into acid pool 10' dia all 1d8 dmg/rnd (disolves 1d6 rnd)


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