Dragon, Linnorm, Rain

Climate Any
Terrain Land
Frequency VR
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Special
Intelligence 8-10
Treasure varies
Alignment CE
No. Appearing 1
Armor Class varies
Movement 18, Fl 39 (B), Sw 9
Hit Dice varies
THAC0 varies
No. of Attacks 3 + special
Damage 1d12/1d12/3d10
Special Attacks TRUE
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance varies
Size varies
Morale 17-18
XP Value varies
Type Monster
Campaign Any
Page MAI
Notes see general (MM 63), vain, desire treasure, rush to battle, BW-90' lg x 3' wd boiling water, cast @ 8+combat mod, immune elect, cast 2/day: create fd/wt, call lightn, lightning bolt, weath summ, 3/day: plt grow, entangle & others, older immune edged & regen


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