Climate Any
Terrain Land
Frequency R
Organization Group
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Nil
Intelligence 0
Treasure item guarded
Alignment N
No. Appearing 1-6
Armor Class 6
Movement 6, Fl 15(B), Sw 9, Jp 3
Hit Dice 3+3
THAC0 17
No. of Attacks 1
Damage 1d4 or weapon
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size S
Morale 20
XP Value 975
Type Undead
Campaign Any
Page MAI
Notes animated skeleton arms, guardian, animate by conditions (as magic mouth), wield weapon (sometimes magic), turn as shadow (enchant prevents most from being turned), immune: charm, hold, sleep, shatter, disintegrate, any poly & cold, holy water 2d4, E & P 1/2 dmg, regen 2 hp/day


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