Dwarf, Mountain, Hylar

Climate Temp/Trop
Terrain Subterranean
Frequency UC
Organization Clan
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Omnivore
Intelligence 3-18
Treasure Mx5, Q (G, Rx20)
Alignment LN
No. Appearing 4-24 (100)
Armor Class 4 (10)
Movement 4 (6)
Hit Dice 1
THAC0 19
No. of Attacks 1
Damage weapon
Special Attacks TRUE
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size M
Morale 13
XP Value 175
Type Humanoid
Campaign Dragonlance
Sources PHB 20
Notes most revered dwarf, highly skilled fighters, prefer to ask opp to surrender before combat, wear chain & shilds, use spear hammer, battle axe & lt crossbows, all abilities of dwarves listed in PHB, may be fighers, paladin, priest, or thief, clans have 25% females & young, males: 40% 1st to 2nd fighter, 15% 3rd to 4th, 10% 5th to 8th, 5% 8th+, 5% other (lvl vary)


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