Dwarf, Zakhar

Climate Temp/Trop
Terrain Subterranean
Frequency VR
Organization Clan
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Omnivore
Intelligence 3-18
Treasure Mx5, (G, Qx20, R)
Alignment N
No. Appearing 2-20
Armor Class 3 (10)
Movement 6
Hit Dice 1
THAC0 19
No. of Attacks 1
Damage weapon
Special Attacks TRUE
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance 0
Size S
Morale 13
XP Value 175
Type Humanoid
Campaign Dragonlance
Sources PHB 20
Notes mysterious, isolated, even-tempered, no respect for life (except own race), attack intruders, use blowgun w/mineral shards (1d2 dmg all 3' dia), mace & sickle-hook (thrown 30', 1d4), all abilities of dwarves listed in PHB, only fighers, groups: (5) 1st lvl, (3) 2nd to 3rd lvl, (2) 4th lvl+, (1) savant, ravaged by mold plague causing infertility & birth defects


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