Automaton, Minor

Climate Any
Terrain Subterranean
Frequency VR
Organization Special
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Nil
Intelligence 0-4
Treasure incidental
Alignment N
No. Appearing varies
Armor Class varies
Movement varies
Hit Dice 1 to 8
No. of Attacks varies
Damage varies
Special Defenses TRUE
Magic Resistance varies
Morale varies
XP Value varies
Type Monster
Campaign Any
Page MAII 17
Notes Trobriand's rejects & failures, vary in size 1-20', varied body type: scorpion, crab, spider, lobster, etc., 2-8 limbs, immu: mind control, illusions, 1/2 fire, acid, edged & cold, heal 5-75% from magic missiles, they are the bottom of the social ladder of automations


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