Mystic Weapons

Nunchucku – 1d6 – (F,C,T,E,D,H,My) Small, 2-handed weapon that doesn’t lose initiative. Can be used to give +1 in wrestling for choking.

Tetsubo – 1d8 – (F,C,E,D,My,Dr) – Large, 2-handed weapon that loses initiative; pole arm rules.

Sode Garami – 1d4 – (F,E,My,Dr) Large, 2-handed weapon that loses initiative. Can be used to catch the sleeves of the opponent; opponent gets save vs. paraysis.

Katana – 1d10 – (F,T,E,D,H,My) Medium sword of exceptional craftmanship.

Wakizashi – 1d8 – (F,T,E,D,H,My) – Small sword of exceptional craftsmanship, often accompanying the katana.

Sai – 1d4 – (F,T,M,E,D,H,My) Small, dagger with twin guards. Can be thrown with -4 penalty or Parry blades with a +2 bonus.

Sang Kuaw – 1d8 – (F,E,D,My) Large, two-handed weapon that loses initiative. Suffers a -4 to hit roll but gains +4 to Parry (or gives parry ability to those who can’t parry).

Tui-fa – 1d8 – (F,C,T,E,D,H,My,Dr) – Small, two-handed weapon. Gives +4 to Parry (or ability to parry). If an edged weapon misses because of parry, the weapon become stuck

Shuriken – 1d3 – (F,T,M,E,D,H,My) – For every shuriken thrown in the same round, the attacks suffer a -4 to the hit roll.

Metsubishi (All) – Black powder that explodes in a bright flash; anyone unwarned of it must save vs. paralysis or be blinded for 1d6 rounds.

Tetsu-bishi – 1d4 – (F,T,M,E,D,H,My) – small, boot-penetrating ground tacks that are thrown on the ground. Opponent must save vs. paralyzation or spend a round pulling it out and make another save vs. paralyzation or move at one-third their normal speed.

Chu-ka-nu – 1d6 – (F,T,E,D,H,My) – Medium-sized automatic crossbow that can reload so fast it can shoot 2 quarrels per round for 5 rounds; takes 5 rounds to reload

Ninja-to – 1d8 – (F,T,E,D,H,My) Medium-sized ninja sword with a hidden throwing dagger (1d4) in the handle.
Chain and Sickle – 1d4 – (F,E,D,H,My) – Two handed, medium sized weapon that loses initiative and can entangle like a whip.

Mancatcher – 1d2 – (F,E,D,My) – Large, two-handed pole arm that loses initiative. Anyone hit must save vs. paralysis or be caught in the pole arm’s teeth and continue to take 1d2 damage. Victim loses dexterity and save bonuses and must make a strength check to get out, taking 1d4 damage to their hands (unless they wear gauntlets or magic gloves) in the process whether they succeed or not.

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