New Weapon System

This system is based on the premise that characters may try to use weapons either 1 handed or 2 handed, and may have some amount of success. Wherever the damage is not applicable (n/a) it means the damage would be the same or it is impossible to use the weapon this way.

The numbers are of the format: damage (hit roll adjustment)


Weapon 1-handed 2-handed Other
Battle Axe 1d8 (-2) 1d10 (+0)
Hand Axe 1d6 (+0) 1d8 (+0)


Weapon 1-handed 2-handed Other
Short Bow n/a 1d6 (-1)
Long Bow n/a 1d8 (-1)
Lt. Crossbow n/a 1d6 (+0)
Hv. Crossbow n/a 3d4 (+0) fire 1 per 2 rounds
Composite Short Bow n/a 1d8 (+0) STR modifies damage
Composite Long Bow n/a 1d10 (+0) STR modifies damage

Crushing Weapons

Weapon 1-handed 2-handed Other
Blackjack 1d2 (+0) 1d4 (+0) knockout
Club 1d4 (+0) 1d6 (+0)
Throwing Hammer 1d4 (+0) n/a
War Hammer 1d6 (+0) 1d8 (+0)
Mace 1d6 (+0) 2d4 (+0)
Staff 1d6 (-2) 1d8 (+0)
Torch 1d2 (+0) 1d4 (+0) 1d4/1d6 damage when lit
Flail 1d6 (+0) 2d4 (+0)
Morning Star 1d6+1 (+0) 2d4+1 (+0)


Weapon 1-handed 2-handed Other
Dagger 1d4 (+0) n/a
Katar 1d4+1 (+0) n/a
Butterfly Knife 1d4 (+0) n/a throw +2 to hit

Pole Weapons

Weapon 1-handed 2-handed Other
Polearm 1d10 (-2) 2d6 (+0) dwarves -3 to hit
Javelin 1d6 (+0) 1d8 (+0) small creatures can use
Lance 1d10 (-2) 2d6 (+0) 2d6 one-handed when mounted properly horse; double damage for charge (4d6)
Pike 1d10 (-2) 1d12 (+0)
Spear 1d6 (+0) 1d10 (+0)
Trident 1d6 (+0) 1d10 (+0)
Tlacochtli 1d6 (+0) 1d10 (+0) pull out causes 1d6 extra damage
Naginata 1d8 (-2) 2d6 (+2)


Weapon 1-handed 2-handed Other
Sword (Long) 1d8 (+0) 1d10 (+0)
Short Sword 1d6 (+0) 1d8 (+0)
Bastard Sword 1d6+1 (+0) 1d8+1 (+0)
Two-handed Sword 1d10 (-2) 1d12 (+0)
Rapier 2d4-1 (+0) 2d4 (-2) -2 to hit vs plate armor
Broadsword 2d4 (+0) 3d4 (+1)
Katana 1d8 (+0) 3d4 (+1)

Other Weapons

Weapon 1-handed 2-handed Other
Bola 1d2 (+0) n/a entangle
Cestus 1d4 (+0) n/a
Sling 1d4 (+1) n/a
Whip 1d2 (+0) n/a entangle
Barbed Whip 1d4 (+0) n/a entangled, save +2
Hooked Net 1d4 (+0) n/a entangle, save -2
Chain Net nil (+0) n/a entangle, save -3
Shurikin 1d3 (+0) n/a
Chakram 1d4 (+0) n/a

Optional: This is another option in which ANY class can try to use ANY weapon. If the class is restricted from using that weapon, they receive a -2 to hit, and do half damage.

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