Alternate Rulebooks

As you know, the original Dungeons & Dragons game has long been out of print. Even if you can’t get your hands on one of the older rule sets, you can still use the free substitute Basic Fantasy (initially released in 2006).  For those of you who prefer AD&D 1st edition, you can try out OSRIC (also initially released in 2006).

Some of the contributing authors here at Heroes Only have contributed to the Basic Fantasy collection  and can attest to the openness and community spirit of the project.  Chris Gonnerman, the original creator and editor of the game materials publishes all the work online in both source and PDF format.

Download Basic Fantasy

Basic Fantasy

Basic Fantasy

If you want to get a hard copy, you can also buy the latest editions available in paperback or hardback.


current edition of the game at lulu (provided at-cost), or you can buy a previous edition from amazon.

OSRIC is another good choice which is based on AD&D 1st edition.  A free PDF download and hard copies are also available.


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One Response to “Alternate Rulebooks”

  1. Drew says:

    Not Free, but what about Castles & Crusades (my personal Favourite) which is pretty much 1st Edition AD&D with the Combat and Saves tidyed up.

    Or OSRIC ( which is a recreation of AD&D 1st Edition (but missing Mind Flayers, Beholders, & Psionic Rules).

    Anyone needs anything, I have access to a LOT of Old Stuff and can help them track them down – contact me via my Blog at

    Keep Rolling – Drew

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