Spell Variations: Wizards’ Panache

By Angelo on July 30, 2002

The Color of Magic was an excellent article from Dragon Magazine issue no. 200 by Dan Joyce. I particularly liked it because it showed how the real game isn’t about rules and dice rolling–it’s about story and wonder. It explained how the mechanics of various spells (do damage, heal, improve AC, etc.) are really all the same, it’s how the spells are perceived that make the real difference. Additionally, I have found it a useful technique to tweak certain spells that seem “broken” for a particular campaign.

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By Michael Wallace on June 26, 2001

Upon reaching 9th level, a Neutral traveling fighter may elect to become a Ranger. The following requirements must be met:

  1. The character must live in a wild location. Rangers do not live in cities and they rarely visit them. Rangers will occasionally pay visits to the nearby village for supplies and to sell furs, or whatever necessary to maintain contact with rural humans. Rangers must do whatever they can to protect their chosen homeland and the people that live there.
  2. If the ranger’s Wisdom score is 13, or greater, the character can cast druid spells as if he were a druid of one-third his actual experience level (round any fractions down); if a fighter becomes a ranger right at 9th level, he’ll immediately gain the spells of a 3rd level druid. A 17th level ranger can cast spells as if he were a 5th level druid.
  3. A ranger may only travel with a number of hirelings equal to, or less than, his druid level. In other words, if he can cast spells as a 5th level druid, he can have five hirelings accompany him.
  4. Rangers can Move Silently and Hide in Shadows as a thief of one-third his actual experience level (round any fractions down.) Rangers can also Find and Remove Traps as a thief of one-third his actual experience level, but only in a woodland environment.

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Modified Mystic or Monk

By Michael Wallace on June 25, 2001

Modified Mystic and Monk from Dragon Magazine 09/1981

  • Prime Requisite: Strength and Dexterity. Other Requirements: Wisdom 9, or better.
  • Experience Bonus: 5% for Strength or Dexterity 16-18; 10% for Strength and Dexterity 16-18.
  • Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. Starting with 10th level, +2/level after 9 with no CON adjustments.
  • Maximum Level: 21.
  • Armor: None; shield not permitted.
  • Weapons: Any.
  • Special Abilities: At 1st level — Armor Class bonuses, increased Movement, Find Traps, Climb Walls, Move Silently, Hear Noise, Martial Arts and Mystical Abilities.

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The Isle of Dread

By Jeff Q on May 30, 2001


Duch Year: 982

The huge saber crashed against the center of the iron sword, throwing its holder back a few steps, and then again in an overhand strike. The tall, plate-mailed knight brought down his steel broadsword down with all his might. The muscular, dark-skinned island-man threw his crude sword to parry, catching the broadsword at its hilt.

The Kikapa island-man, although naked, was very seasoned with his hilt less sword. Comparatively, the knight, mailed in white satin-draped field plate, definitely held the advantage. The Kikapa allowed the knight to come in at him and then fell back against the weight of the knight, causing the knight to lose his balance. He then used this advantage by stopping the collapse of the armor on himself with his leg and then swiped his sword hard against the knight’s head.

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About Hollow World Creatures

By Jeff Q on May 23, 2001

Bugbears: Bugbears are very proud of being bugbears. They hold honor over anything else. Dying honorably is the best thing that could happen.Gnomes: Gnomes are insane little creatures. They talk so incredibly fast it’s very hard to understand them.

Goblins: Goblins keep themselves cleaner and better looking here. They are a bit cute and have a very low self-esteem and cringe at threats, still smiling. Many have become merchants.

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The Wizard’s Codex

By Angelo on February 17, 2001

Originally published by February 2001, the Wizard’s Codex contains a collection of custom spells created by authors at Heroes Only. All of these spells have been used and tested within the gaming environment, but of course you should consider their effects on your own campaign before adopting them.

This list of spells is updated from time to time, with the “last modified” timestamp appearing at the end of the article. See the rest of this entry…

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