Exotic Weaponry

This post updates and replaces the previous exotic weapons chart.  Morning Star and Flail are both weapons in original D&D that somehow got left out of the Cyclopedia.  Broadsword is taken from AD&D where it is 2d4.  Rapier stats are also from D&D described in Dragon #175.

The optional rules are provided to add something unique to the weapons, so they’re a little more interesting than just finding “a different kind of sword” that different in name only.

Weapon Damage Range Weight Value Notes/Optional Rules Flags
Katar 1d4+1 20 5 melee only w,S
Hooked Net 1d4 5/10/15 80 15 10' diameter, struggle=damage, saves -2 s,t,w,M
Chain Net 0 5/10/15 160 25 10' diameter, saves -6, enc x2 c,s,t,w,M
Shurikin 1d3 10/20/30 5 1 t,w,S
Barbed Whip 1d4 80 15 8' long s,w,M
Butterfly Knife 1d4 20/40/60 10 5 missile double dmg on 20, melee dropped on 1 s,t,w,S
Flail 1d6 40 5 double dmg on 20, hit self on 1 c,M
Morning Star 1d6+1 30 5 double dmg on 20, hit self on 1 M
Rapier 2d4-1 60 10 -1 AC for thieves s,M
Tlacochtli 1d6 20/40/60 60 5 1d6 to pull out s,t,v,L
Chakram 1d4 20/40/60 20 3 t,w,S
Broadsword 2d4 60 10 double damage on 20, trip on 1 M
Composite Bow 1d6 70/140/210 40 60 strength affects damage a,m,s,2H,L
Katana 1d8 50 12 double dmg on 20, no penalty on 1 M
Naginata 1d10 80 15 2H,L


  • Katar: Also known as a “punch dagger,” this blade is much like a dagger, except that it has an H-shaped handle, allowing the wielder to deliver more powerful blows.
  • Hooked Net: This net’s mesh is entwined with hooks which do damage to the victim within. This net is 10′ in diameter. Struggling to break free inflicts normal damage each round. Victims make saves at -2 to avoid capture.
  • Chain Net: This net is 10′ in diameter and made of inter-linking chains instead of rope. It is heavier, but victims must save with a -6 penalty to escape.
  • Shurikin: These are small, sharp throwing starts, or similar object, originating from the far east.
  • Barbed Whip: This 8′ long whip is studded with thorn-like barbs, doing more damage than a normal whip.
  • Butterfly Knife: Butterfly knives are light, well balanced daggers. They receive a +2 on their hit rolls when thrown.
  • Flail: A flail is simply a heavy object, swung on a rope or chain.
  • Morning Star: This is typically a spiked ball swung on a rope or chain, however mace-like variations can be found.
  • Rapier: This is a well-balanced, fencing sword. It receives a -2 penalty to hit vs plate armor.
  • Tlacochtli: This weapon is a jagged harpoon on the end of a rope. The weilder scores a hit and pulls the harpoon back out for an extra 1d6 points of damage.
  • Chakram: A chakram is a sharp throwing disc, or often more of a ring. The edge of the chakram is sharpened enough to split hairs.
  • Broadsword: This heavy sword is used more to crush through the enemy.
  • Composite Bow: This well-made bow fires with equal pressure according to how far back the wielder can stretch the string. The wielder’s strength modifier affects damage.
  • Katana: This is a lighter, well-balanced eastern sword.
  • Naginata: This is a spear-like, eastern weapon. The blade at the end of the long pole-like handle is curved.

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